Battery Swap System

The Battery Swap System (BSS) is an innovative technology that exchanges the battery of an EV car equipped with the Dianchè BSS power train in less than 3 minutes. This revolutionary system eliminates the idle waiting times for the battery recharge and gives the end user great time advantage. All the Dianchè cars are using the BSS system.


Design by Bertone

Flymove relaunches the Bertone brand, the historical and legendary name of the automobile. The new EV BSS vehicles are taking up the aesthetic and design canons of the Bertone school, bringing the Italian brand back to the top of the automotive design in the world.


Dianchè BSS City Cars

Flymove presents two “City Cars” suitable for the urban mobility needs:

  • Dianchè Coggiola BSS City Car One
  • Dianchè Bertone BSS City Car Cube


Dianchè Bertone BSS GT One & Cube

Flymove presents two “Hyper Cars” of the highest technological and performance level:

  • Dianchè Bertone BSS GT One – by Coggiola
  • Dianchè Bertone BSS GT Cube


Point of Energy

The POE Station (Point of Energy) is unique of its kind for design, functionality and technical characteristics and it has a constructive and environmental impact equal to zero. It is a multi-purpose service station, where driver can use the Dianchè-powered car battery swap system or recharge electric or hybrid cars with a fast charging cable. The POE Station is also hydrogen supply ready for the mobility of the future.


POE Station Network

The POE Stations are configurable and adaptable to any need and location. It is therefore possible to create a widespread network of POE Stations built in the cities and along the main connecting roads. The POE Network will guarantee the user any long-distance travel exchanging the Dianchè battery in less than 3 minutes.


POE Station Mobile

The first mobile POE station, a fully automated BSS exchange unit installed on a 40′ truck trailer, with an electric motor, that can be positioned anywhere including small areas.


Dianchè BSS e-VTOL

Flymove presents its concept of Vertical Mobility aircraft for the smart cities of the future. The Dianchè BSS e-VTOL aircraft will be the first in the world to use the BSS rapid battery swap system. Its base of support will be the revolutionary POE Station and will be fully integrated with the Dianchè SMP mobility system through the EVE digital platform.


Flymove Advantech

Flymove is present in the production of Carbon Fiber and Nanotubes, collaborates with Italian companies experts in Bio-polymers and is establishing important Joint Ventures with companies operating in the Hydrogen and Energy sector of alternative sources.


Motorsport Team

The Flymove Motorsport Team will start its sporting activities from 2019. Participation in important events such as the famous Pikes Peak and various Endurance races in Europe and the United States is planned. The Team is also planning to organize a Single-Brand Challenge Championship exclusively made for the Dianchè Cube with BSS rapid battery swap system.


Flymove Adria International Raceway

Flymove has placed the headquarters of its Motorsport Team at the Adria International Raceway, where the Dianchè cars will be tested for both, sport tests and customer test drives. The first prototype of the POE station will also be built within the circuit in 2019.


Enhanced Vehicle Environment

The Enhanced Vehicle Environment or EVE, is a new in-house digital platform using the most advanced enhanced and virtual reality technology, offering a full range of services related to the mobility system.