Battery Swap System

The Battery Swap System (BSS) is an innovative technology, patented all over the world and developed by an Italian company Picchio Srl. It exchanges the battery of an EV car equipped with the Dianchè BSS power train in less than 3 minutes.

The Battery Swap system is the most intelligent and effective electric mobility management system. It is unbeatable for its management costs, efficiency and speed, it is flexible and can be used in all areas of a Smart City. The cost of implementing the SWAP systems, including large, intermediate and small stations, is extremely competitive when compared to the structural costs required for distribution of the standard charging columns. Thanks to its design, the SWAP system can be installed without invading surrounding areas or impacting them aesthetically, optimizing overall dimensions of the streets and car parks, where one single exchange unit is able to automatically manage hundreds of EV cars daily.

Flymove engineers, in collaboration with their partners have conceived and developed a new BSS Power Train with outstanding functional and efficiency features. In fact, it has been designed to accommodate the BSS battery rapid exchange system and in a way to minimize its maintenance, guaranteeing high reliability over time. The low weight and the connections efficiency of the system, made it possible to obtain substantial energy savings and therefore great operational and economic advantages. Thanks to those characteristics, the BSS Power Train also limits the industrial and car production costs as much as possible, giving full advantage to the user.