Dianchè BSS City Cars

Two “City Car” cars suitable for any urban mobility need: the Dianchè BSS City Car One, small in size dedicated to young users, and the Dianchè BSS City Car Cube, specifically designed for more complex urban uses. Both cars use the BSS battery swap system and use the best mechanical, construction and digital technologies currently available in Italy. The cost of the Dianchè City Cars will be extremely competitive as the cost of the battery is not included in its price.

Dianchè BSS City Car Cube

The Dianchè City Car Cube, an economic car with the highest technology currently available in Italy, covers all mobility requirements. In the perfect Bertone style, unmistakable and original, it clearly differs from any other EV car on the market today. Three modular seats, configurable according to user needs, ideal for family and work, for urban and extra-urban mobility. It is built according to the most recent and updated safety criteria, equipped with autonomous driving systems and digitally interconnected with the Dianchè EVE platform. The operational autonomy is approx. 200km with several recharging options: using BSS rapid battery swap system in 3 minutes, a standard recharge column or a charging cable at home. With 35 kW electric motor and 30 kWh BSS battery, it reaches 150 km/h. The Dianchè City Car Cube will go into production by the end of 2019 and deliveries will start in early 2020.