Flymove Holding Limited

The SMP initiative was conceived by Equiventia Capital Partners Srl (ECP) based in Padova, an Italian company operating in the advanced industrial investment sector, which through Flymove Holding Limited, a specific and a new structure established in London, promotes the initiative on an international scale, owns the Dianchè brand and its copyrights all over the world.

The Flymove Business Units are divided into various operating Divisions, all financially self-sufficient: Design, Energy, Advantech, Point of Energy, VTOL, Dianchè Cars, Motorsport and Services. The registered Flymove office is based in London, however at the beginning of 2019 the operational headquarters of Flymove Italy will commence its activities in Milan. The representative offices of the various companies of the Group and of the technological Partners will be also situated at this location, but above all the new Design Center of Flymove and Dianchè Bertone will initiate, employing dozens of designers by 2019.

Flymove Holding participates in various minority shares owned private shareholders, who have in the early stage contributed financially to the strategic, organizational and technological preparation of the initiative, which has been totally self-financed. The Business Plan was prepared by the consulting company Carlin & Associates (C & A). The activity management of the entire Flymove initiative is coordinated by C & A.

The financial global advisor of Flymove Holding is Advance SIM from Milan.

Thanks to a close collaboration with the French multinational AKKA Technologies, Flymove has obtained, through its subsidiary Officine Moderne Srl, the exclusive multi-year license for the world-renowned design and engineering brand ‘Bertone‘, to adequately launch its line of new EV City Cars and Sport ‘Dianchè’ brand, using the BSS battery swap system.

Flymove and Equiventia have activated other satellite companies to control and manage specific activities and alliances within the Flymove initiative, holding majority of shares. Flymove has then established a series of technological partnerships with high valued companies, bringing together strategic skills and technologies for the completion of the Flymove package offer, that includes advanced materials, renewable energy, digital platforms and services.

Lastly, Flymove is initiating an important joint venture in the Chinese market with a financial and industrial operator active in the automotive sector for the opening of Flymove China and consequent start-up of industrial and commercial activities for Dianchè in the Chinese market. This operation will be defined and concluded in early months of 2019.